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Welcome to Dayton Donations. This website believes that the world can be a much better place if we know how to look after each other. Dayton Donations accommodate people’s initiative to help other people in need. Whether it is a furniture that can be used by a starting family or old clothes for the less fortunate, our blog is here to help connect you to the right organization.

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  • NBC Nightly News: One Week After U.N. Ceasefire, 100 Dead in Syrian Bombing
    Image (media):  joelle_bassoul_syria.png SyriaBombings continue in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, despite a ceasefire resolution from the U.N. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in recent weeks during a war that is now in its seventh year. “People are running out of food, clean water and medicine,” Joelle Bassoul, CARE’s communications director for the Syria crisis told […]
  • Devex: Scale X Design: Is this the accelerator the aid sector needs?
    Image (media):  sxdc_care_1jm_5288.jpg Devex featured CARE’s Scale X Design pitch night celebration at Stanford, describing it as “not your average Silicon Valley pitch competition.” Through its Scale X Design accelerator program, CARE is disrupting the timeline for humanitarian aid and global development solutions and bringing innovative ideas to scale faster. The coverage also included a […]
  • PBS: These 10 humanitarian crises got the least attention last year
    Image (media):  niger_suffering_in_silence_photo.jpg Central African RepublicEritreaNorth KoreaVietnamBurundiDemocratic Republic of the CongoSudanPeruCameroonChadMaliNigerNigeriaPBS Newshour.com published an extensive story on CARE’s “Suffering in Silence” report highlighting the 10 most underreported humanitarian crises of 2017. It is hard to know why some conflicts gather more press attention than others, such as the Syria and Myanmar’s Rohingya refugee crisis, PBS […]
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Faith leaders say president’s alleged comments make aid work harder
    Image (media):  rs8028_ner-2015-fc-_262.jpg The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE, in a story about the reaction to President Trump’s alleged recent comments on Haiti and African countries. “It calls into question the spirit of partnership that America brings, the spirit of respect for other countries, and the spirit of empathy and […]
  • Lenny Letter: The App Teaching Cambodian Garment Workers About Their Sexual Health
    Image (media):  cambodia_garment_factory_workers.jpg CambodiaElana Berkowitz, CARE’s innovator in residence, was featured in a Q&A by the feminist news site Lenny Letter about Chat! Contraception, a CARE sexual and reproductive health program that empowers young female factory workers to make informed, healthy sexual choices in Cambodia. The program uses videos through a mobile app that provides […]

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