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Welcome to Dayton Donations. This website believes that the world can be a much better place if we know how to look after each other. Dayton Donations accommodate people’s initiative to help other people in need. Whether it is a furniture that can be used by a starting family or old clothes for the less fortunate, our blog is here to help connect you to the right organization.

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  • PBS Newshour: ‘I don’t think there’s a safe place in Yemen anymore’
    Image (media):  bushra.jpg Yemen PBS NewsHour.org featured Bushra Aldukhainah, a CARE Yemen area manager, in a story about the war in Yemen where 75% of the country is in need of humanitarian assistance. Bushra tells PBS NewsHour that there is no longer a safe place in the country, that airstrikes occur everywhere and parents are […]
  • IRIN: For victims of the Ituri conflict’s sexual violence, aid is scarce
    Image (media):  uganda_refugees_photo.jpg Democratic Republic of the CongoUgandaIRIN quoted Delphine Pinault, CARE Uganda’s country director, in a story about the lack of aid for sexual violence victims and refugees fleeing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda, where millions are fleeing, CARE is providing counseling and group activities to survivors of gender-based violence. […]
  • Girls Globe: Evidence for Effective Sex Ed
    Image (media):  rs12765_e4a6457-ig.jpg BurundiGirls Globe featured a Burundi government initiative to provide sexual and reproductive health information for young people to prevent high rates of teenage pregnancy and the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The initiative is in partnership with CARE, UNFPA and others. Read the story here .
  • Women in the World: ‘Death is everywhere’: bombings, cholera and famine ravage Yemen
    Image (media):  bushra_witw_official_photo.jpg YemenBushra Aldukhaniah, a Yemeni CARE staffer, shared her horrific tale of fleeing airstrikes in her native Yemen on stage at the Women in the World Summit. “I cannot forget that day, that feeling, the bitter feeling of leaving home behind, leaving everything behind,” she said. “My son was saying, ‘Mommy, can I […]
  • Bustle.com: Nearly A Quarter Of Men Think It's OK For An Employer To Ask An Employee For Sex, Survey Finds
    Image (media):  bopha.jpg Bustle.com featured a story on CARE’s Harris Poll on global attitudes around sexual harassment in the workplace and quoted CARE President and CEO Michelle Nunn extensively. “We actually weren’t surprised by the overwhelming prevalence of attitudes and beliefs that lead to sexual harassment and abuse. Unfortunately, we at CARE see these forces […]

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