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Welcome to Dayton Donations. This website believes that the world can be a much better place if we know how to look after each other. Dayton Donations accommodate people’s initiative to help other people in need. Whether it is a furniture that can be used by a starting family or old clothes for the less fortunate, our blog is here to help connect you to the right organization.

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  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Trump’s Threat to Cut Aid to Central America Puts Heavy Burden on Nonprofits, Leaders Say
    Image (media):  guatemala_volcano.jpg The Chronicle of Philanthropy quoted David Ray, CARE vice president for policy and advocacy, and Rachel Leman, CARE associate vice president for U.S. advocacy. Ray said the cuts won’t stop migration and are “inhumane and self-defeating.” Leman explained that humanitarian work is misunderstood even though there has been “incredible” progress in the […]
  • USA Today: Does Trump want more Central Americans fleeing to US? That's what his aid cutoff will do.
    Image (media):  guatemalan_girl_with_stuffed_animal.jpg USA Today published an op-ed by Sheba Crocker, CARE’s vice president of humanitarian policy and practice, in response to the Trump Administration’s threat to cut foreign assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to stem the flow of migrants from those countries. CARE and other aid agencies signed a letter to Congress […]
  • CBS News: U.S. set to cut off aid to three nations
    Image (media):  us_aid_cbs_news.png CBSN, the live broadcast of CBSNews.com interviewed Sheba Crocker, during a segment about the Trump Administration’s proposed aid cuts to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Crocker called the proposed cuts “self-defeating,” noting such a move would only increase the challenges people already face in those countries. “There is a misunderstanding for aid […]
  • Reuters: U.S. aid cuts to Central America may backfire, fueling migration north: charities
    Image (media):  care_south_sudan.jpg Reuters quoted David Ray, CARE vice president of policy and advocacy, in a story about the Trump Administration’s threat to cut foreign assistance to Central American countries. CARE’s work in Guatemala to help poor farmers grow sustainable crops would be one of the projects affected. “Poverty, violence and insecurity - those are […]
  • The Global Citizen: There's a Disaster in Southern Africa You Probably Haven't Heard About
    Image (media):  cyclone_5.jpg The Global Citizen interviewed Mahmoud Shabeeb, CARE’s humanitarian communications manager, about the amount of public and media interest in Cyclone Idai. "To speak quite frankly, it’s impressive to see such big interest in a natural disaster happening in Africa even of this magnitude… Sadly, this will likely dwindle very fast, because the […]

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