Dayton Donations now accepting empty cans. If you have empty soda cans please feel free to drop them off at 1423 Arbor Ave Dayton, Ohio or leave us a message at (937) 985-3492

Why did we start?

We have been wondering for a while why people help other countries when there are so many in need right here in our own back Yard! This is why we started this Organization. We started this out of our own pockets just to help Friends and Family.

Then as the word spread we got our first donations.

How can I help?

We accept donations here on our website or through a Representative. If you have any questions you can always give us a call to see if we need anything specific.

You can contact us via the Sponsor Application page to donate Clothes, Toys, Gift Certificates, and so on.

To answer a few Questions.

Q: Does 100% of what I donate go to the people you Help?

A: No 100% does not as we do have some expenses that need to be paid like this website and copies of our Flyers and gas for taking people were they need to go.

Q: How can I obtain Flyers?

A: They can be found at This Link it is a PDF document.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason please send us a e-mail to or leave a message or text at (937) 985-3492 Or click on the Google Button below


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