Dayton Ohio Population

Dayton is a city ranked as the sixth-largest of the cities in Ohio and is Montgomery County’s county seat. As of 2015, it has an estimated population of 140,599, ranking 179th in the United States Population. The city itself may not be the kind to grab attention and fame, however; Dayton Ohio population are still more interesting than you know. Some (20) of their snazziest facts are listed here:Dayton is a city ranked as the sixth-largest of the cities in Ohio and is Montgomery County’s county seat. As of 2015, it has an estimated population of 140,599, ranking 179th in the United States Population. The city itself may not be the kind to grab attention and fame, however; Dayton Ohio population are still more interesting than you know.

Some (20) of their snazziest facts are listed here:

1. We will want to talk to them

Some people in the generality of Ohio may have the Midwestern nasal twang, most especially in the northern part. However, somewhere in the middle part including Dayton, the “washing dishes” and “hundred dollar bills” you’ll hear from the hillier portions of Ohio will be gone, and their accent becomes clear as the words you are reading right now, you wouldn’t even know if you heard it. All you’ll hear is the words itself. I certainly would want to have an accent like this. And at some point, you will too.

2. They Know Exactly How To Enjoy Drinking Beer With Their Friends

Aside from the clear accents, another thing people in Dayton are excellent at is getting together with friends and neighbors. They have a lot of impressive festivals annually, and vendors of all sorts come together to the historic and iconic Carillon Park. Here they provide the finest beers from all over the world to enjoy an educational and responsible way.

3. The Wright Brothers are Daytonians

If you have no idea who the Wright Brothers are, they were the brilliant siblings who are responsible for the invention of powered aircraft. They were born in Dayton and of course, mastered the aircraft design there. This is why Ohio is considered the birthplace of Aviation. The brothers also built and flew the very first practical airplane still in Ohio, at the Huffman Prairie.

4. They have a lot of respect for airplanes, pilots, and flyers.

Counting the fact that it is in Dayton where the history of flight began, if you’re in Dayton, chances are you may know two or more people working at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

5. They are true to their “Flyers.”

Universities in Dayton holds events like the Basketball in Flyers Men’s. More than 13000 fans of the team flooded the whole seats, and they cheer on their team. If you happen to be in Dayton while the game is on, you should probably root for their Flyers. Don’t ask, just do it.

6. Population of Dayton Either work in Aviation or a Healthcare

I already said in a past item that if you’re from Dayton, you may know people working at an Air Force Base or an aviation company for that matter. Dayton is also known for their many hospitals and research centers and if some Daytonians may not know people from Aviation they might know people who work in health care. Most of the time? They know both; they even might be working on either, themselves.

7. Their Lions are also a great source of their Pride

Aside from their basketball team, they also take pride from their team of professional soccer USL men’s. This team is called Dutch Lions. They are exposed to a lot of the challenging and competitive environments and can guarantee success on world pitch. They also treat local enthusiasts with soccer matches that are top-notch and professionals.

8. Daytonians Love Their Dragons

You think they were only two teams they have full pride on, well there’s another one. They are head-over-heels for their very own Dragons, their professional team for baseball. In 2011, their Dragons, an affiliate (minor league) of the Cincinnati Reds, broke a record. The record was for consecutive sell-out games, successful minor league baseball spanning over a decade for professional sports. Who wouldn’t be proud?

9. Everyone Would Wish for Winter When it’s Summer

Wishes for winter during summer might be a commonality in most countries, but summers in Dayton are not just hot, but also absurdly humid bringing hot, muggy summers. Temperatures are in 90’s in June to August along with the same humidity percentages.  This keeps people indoors and thus the commodity of air conditioning.

10. However, They Would also Wish for Summer during Winter

Winter comes in Dayton, and their wishes may have been granted, but this just gives rise to another problem for them. Aside from enjoying hot cocoa during the time, they would have a downright chore instead. During winter, Daytonians will be bombarded with 6ft or 25-inches of snow. They take the snow out, and after that, the summer begins to come and help them, and you figure out how it’s an unending cycle of wishes.

11. Daytonians Have Been Biking For A Fair Long Amount of Time

300 miles of bike trails, this is what the Dayton metro area features that connect communities surrounding it and giving access to and beyond the Miami Valley. These scenic and safe bikeways along with the bicycle history storied in Dayton gave rise to some seasoned bikers of the nation.

12. Though not Italians, they go to party at Dayton’s Italian Festival

I have mentioned before that they have a lot of ways to find time to gather together and this festival is one. And in this festival, it is certainly not a must for you to be an Italian to party in this celebration of areas best in homemade and authentic Italian dishes and Italian heritage.

13. Likewise in Dayton’s Celtic Festival, everyone is Irish

It is said to be the equivalent of St. Patrick’s Day but bigger and better. To experience the Dayton way, relax in a beer garden and listen to live music.

14. The “30 Minutes or Less or Your Pizza is Free” is NOT a Joke for Them

Daytonians does not take this policy lightly, but very seriously. In fact, because of this, they contributed to the modern world again aside from the birth of aviation, the material used to keep pizzas warm while transported with the help of the researchers at the University of Dayton.

15. Everyone abstains to Choose Between Mike-Sells and Grippo’s

Asking them to choose one of the two is a waste of time. The Mike-sell’s potato chips are in Dayton and Grippo’s is in Cincinnati which is nearby so they’d rather not.

16. They Love Spaghetti with Chili

Ask for a delicious staple meal, people in Dayton always choose spaghetti with chili that has 8 pounds of cheese for dinner.

17. They Love Chocolates

The Dayton Ohio Population has chocolate as their guilty pleasure. Try living in the city considered as the decadent prince of candies. Let’s see if you won’t be one.

18. They Go Either in Dayton University or Wright State

I’m giving you a heads up. If ever you visit Dayton, and a Daytonians gives you a tour, do not be surprised if you meet or run into more than ten of you guide’s former or current college buddies.

19. They are Not Uncultured

Unlike what the stereotypes say, they are not uncultured. Still having doubts? Try and take a visit to the Institute of Dayton Art. It contains objects over 20000 which include the works of Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Jean Basquiat.

20. Some Daytonians are Actresses, Actors, and Writers

Dayton has a fair share of producing many people in the acting industry, including the award-winning actress, Allison Janney, the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winners, Martin Sheen, Luke Grimes, Nancy Cartwright, Chad Lowe, Damian Chapa, Sherri Saum, Ken Jenkins, Andrea Thompson and much more.