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Welcome to Dayton Donations. This website believes that the world can be a much better place if we know how to look after each other. Dayton Donations accommodate people’s initiative to help other people in need. Whether it is a furniture that can be used by a starting family or old clothes for the less fortunate, our blog is here to help connect you to the right organization.

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  • World Food Program USA: Women Leading the Way: Q&A with CARE CEO Michelle Nunn
    Image (media):  michelle_nunn_jordan_visit.jpg The World Food Program USA interviewed Michelle Nunn, CARE president and CEO, as an influential female leader that is empowering women and girls to end hunger and poverty. Nunn shared that women and girls are the solution by exemplifying if female farmers had the same access to resources as men, then they […]
  • Reuters: Aid workers race to contain cholera outbreak in cyclone-hit Mozambique
    Image (media):  mozambique_little_boy_sick.jpg Reuters quoted Daw Mohamed, CARE humanitarian director, on the cholera outbreak post Cyclone Kenneth. Since May 2, cholera reports have increased five-fold in Mozambique. Mohamed said that an outbreak was anticipated, and CARE has “already mobilized hygiene kits and sanitation supplies, which will be in the affected districts imminently. However, the needs […]
  • The World Economic Forum: A simple step, but a staggering impact.
    Image (media):  world_economic_forum.png The World Economic Forum extensively mentioned CARE in a powerful story tackling poverty and inequality in developing nations by empowering women. The story highlighted CARE’s various work that has helped Ethiopian women to increase their earnings by 500%, supported 5,000 women entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa, and featured CARE’s VSLA program in the […]
  • The Associated Press: India prepares for ‘extremely severe’ Bay of Bengal cyclone
    Image (media):  coxs_bazaar.jpg The Associated Press quoted Hillol Sobhan, CARE Bangladesh communications coordinator, about the threat of Cyclone Fani to more than a million Rohingya refugees. Cyclone Fani is forecasted to hit refugees in Cox’s Bazaar with “total destruction.” Read the story here . Featured in NBC News here and Chicago Tribune ...
  • CNN.com: Cyclone Fani makes landfall in Odisha
    Image (media):  cyclone_26.jpg CNN.com also quoted Zia Choudury in an update on Cyclone Fani. "The worst scenario will see massive destruction of homes, buildings, roads, electric lines, crops and more,” he said. “Despite the high level of expertise the government and NGOs have in preparing and responding to crises, the real concern this year is […]

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